Meet Dr. Larsen, Alpine, UT Dentist

A day in the life of…

Dr. Garon Larsen

It’s Tuesday morning and I’m getting ready for another day at the office. I’m in a super good mood because I just finished my morning run, and I always love watching the sun rise over Mt. Timpanogos to the east. As I drive to work, I look at the awesome mountains surrounding this beautiful little town called Alpine. I’ve been on the summit of the peaks that I see—Lone Peak, Box Elder, Timpanogos, etc.—and it’s an amazing experience to be on top of one of those majestic peaks towering at over 11,000 vertical feet! I reflect on how much I love the mountains and the great outdoors, backpacking with my son, camping with my family, hiking, mountain biking, skiing…Is Utah the best place to live or what?

I can’t help but contrast Alpine with the potato farm I grew up on in Idaho. The nearest mountains were over an hour away, and although I have always loved the mountains, I didn’t make it to them often. But I did love growing up on a farm, driving tractors and trucks, moving irrigation pipe, learning the value of hard work, working side-by-side with my father—all memories that I treasure. Although I enjoyed the physical work of farming, I knew from a young age I didn’t want that for a career. I worked hard in school and got good grades, and worked jobs all the time to put myself through school. I excelled in dental school and loved every minute of it. I knew I was in the right career path.

I still love dentistry and the challenges and opportunities it gives me. I love educating others about dental health and I love being part of the movement to make dentistry better. I’ve been featured on ABC4, KSL, The Deseret News, The Daily Herald, and I’ve been a speaker at the Utah Dental Convention. I’m also an advisor for Healthy Utah magazine.

One of the highlights of my career has been the humanitarian trips I have gone on to Central America. My wife organizes humanitarian supplies for these third world countries, and while I am doing dentistry she visits orphanages and cancer hospitals and local people in need. I especially love the trips where my children have come with me to help with the dentistry we are doing and the humanitarian work. My family has kind of a history of service. We started the Live Nativity here in Alpine many years ago and this has become part of what has defined us. We put a lot into this community event, but after all the hours of preparation, it is rewarding to see the many visitors who come and enjoy it.

Oh boy, I just arrived at my office…I look forward to helping and serving many people today. It’s going to be another great day!