The Permanent Power of an Implant

We talk a lot about implants in our office. Our patients hear us talking about successes and lives changed from the use of dental implants because it makes us so happy to be able to implement this type of dentistry! A dental implant has a lot of things going for it. It is comfortable, it looks natural, and it works just as well as a natural tooth. The absolute best part, though, is that a dental implant can stay in your mouth for the rest of your life!
Other restorations can’t claim such a bold statement. Things like bridges and partial dentures only restore the crown of the tooth and often aren’t stable enough to last for the decades that you have left of your life. Replacements and repairs become costly and annoying, but a dental implant changes all of that. A dental implant allows you to never worry about your restoration again.

How Does it Work?

The secret to a dental implant is that it replaces the crown and the root of your tooth. The implant itself is a titanium post that is placed directly into the jawbone. Within a few months, the bone begins to fuse with the implant holding it into a permanent position. We place a crown on top of the implant, thus restoring the entirety of your missing tooth. Once it’s in, it is not coming out!

You can’t ask for anything more than a permanent restoration for a missing tooth, but a dental implant gives you more by being completely comfortable and functional. Not to mention the fact that it looks just like your natural teeth. Contact us today to learn more about this amazing tool. We know you’ll be pleased with the results!