Three Ways We Make Your Dental Appointment Easier

We know that going to the dentist is not the easiest thing for every patient! In fact, some patients are really terrified to come into the office for a cleaning, much less an appointment. In our office, we make things easier on our patients by identifying the things that trigger fear and moving past them! There’s no reason to fear a dentist that goes to great lengths to make you more comfortable.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation – We start with the fear of sitting in the chair. To address this, we offer nitrous oxide sedation. By simply breathing in a relaxing gas, you can have a completely different experience free of pain and anxiety!

DentalVibe Injections – Some patients are terrified of the needle. We got rid of this problem by using DentalVibe, which is a tool that provides vibration at the injection site so that you don’t feel a thing! The vibration also helps spread the numbing agent around your mouth so that you are more thoroughly numb.

Comfortable Surroundings – Finally, we removed the feeling of being in a medical office. Some offices are so sterile and foreign that you can’t help but feel nervous. We provide comfortable surroundings with televisions, blankets, and high ceilings. We even have an aviary that you can visit!

Through these measures, we believe we have created a better dental office for our patients. If you’ve been avoiding the dentist for years because you are afraid, it’s time to find out how comfortable a dental office can be. Contact us today to learn more about our office. We are sure you’ll love what you see!